foto vin Crama Oprișor LA CETATE MERLOT



Just like the high official watching king’s feebleness in view to take his crown, Merlot wants to satisfy everybody, knowing it’s but a question of time until it could claim the throne. It has no inflexion able to stir suspicions, its manners are exquisite, its discourse is erudite, yet never boring. It’s in the very centre of grandeur, but the other wines must agree it too, so it could really display its might. Beyond any metaphor, Merlot is the wine only a professional fault-finder could discover any shortcomings. It’s complex, but good to keep company to, it has flexible depths revealing its vision powers. It can get along with an innkeeper as well as with a king, moving easily from one to another layer of its own being. A wine to make reverences to, without asking it explicitly. A young, still rebellious, yet well-bred aristocrat. Classic nuances of Merlot defined by red fruits and spice, interrupted by pertinent tones of leather and tobacco. Promises fair experiences after a five-year maturation too. 

Cherry red
Red fruits, spice
Full body, well-balanced, subtle tannins;
14,5 % vol
Pork dishes
© Ciprian Paleologu