The wine EZOTERIK PRIMO Wine is so complex that it is not easy to communicate exactly what all your senses convey to you. Hence the mystery and its special character. Ezoterik will tell you a unique story… We start with the extraordinary bouquet of complex in which the clear shades of vanilla and lightly burned oak overlap with the intense aromas of candied fruits (apricots, figs or mandarins) highlighted by lemon blossoms, saffron or sweet oak wood. The first gustatory emotion is the complete coverage of the «palace» with a soft impression followed by the sensation of a truly sumptuous wine. It is a relatively heavy but really elegant wine that maintains a perfect balance between sweetness and freshness. A slight trace of bitterness contributes to the complexity of the wine and to the final sensation of complete, mysterious, legendary wine, whose story you can tell again and again…
Bright straw-yellow
Sweet notes of honey, shock flowers and tropical fruits
Sumptuous, velvety, consistent
Sweet dishes, by sweet-sweet agreement, but also for meat and cheese dishes, based on a disagreement: sweet-salty
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