Starting from modern man’s need to find reference points of consciousness and spirituality in traditional mythology, we have created MĂIASTRU, a series of solar wines, vinified in a fresh and appealing way.

In Romanian folk legends, Măiastra, Brancusi’s “bird in space” rendered on the labels of this series of wines, is endowed with inexhaustible magic forces. Expressing the essence of flight, Măiastra symbolizes the spiritual and transcendent lift, the tendency toward an ideal, toward ascension.

Likewise, a wine could play the role of spiritual healer, as it can link the abstract and the concrete. Our wines in the MĂIASTRU series enjoy a definite personality, characterized by an exquisite velvety texture, an unusual aromatic intensity and a peculiar saltiness.

A contemporary winemaking style concentrated upon the variety typicity and wine structure, backed up by an elect acidity.

An elegant and grateful alternative able to ideally pair the wines with all occasions, from green-grass picnics to winter nights spent near the fireplace.


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