The VAL DUNA wines assert qua a universally valid concept: they have no sophisticated challenges, they are fresh and can satisfy everybody’s requirements. Easy to drink, ideal on any occasion.

VAL DUNA, a rich series of young wines made of national and international varieties, characterized by the accuracy the typicity of each evoked variety, proves that tradition and innovation can be successfully combined.

In order to provide consumers’ comfort, the wines in the VAL DUNA gamut are encased in bag-in-boxes (BIB), Carl Reh Winery being the first producer in Romania to use this type of packing system.

A BIB preserves wine’s qualities and properties from the first to the last glass – after opening, it can be consumed at leisure during 12 months. BIB is a light and portable disposable package. It’s a stratified bag provided with a spigot meant to protect the wine against oxidation. The correct dosing of bag’s spigot avoids any waste.

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