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Saint George stands for the patron saint of soldiers. We know him from the icons as the Dragon Killer. The story tells that he saved the city of Selena in Libya from a monster who used to oppress the land. The Dragon demanded continuously sheep, and when the sheep did finish, he took the daughter of city’s overlord. George stabbed the Dragon with his spear and brought the girl back to her father. The overlord of the city proposed the saviour to marry his girl and take half of his possessions, but George refused, explaining he had a lot to do for the Church and her believers. Saint George is celebrated on the 23rd of April.  Saint George is a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot, which develops bold notes of spices, dried plums, chocolate and accents of berries, spices, vanilla and butter. Dense and velvety, with pleasing and elegant tannins, the wine has a friendly structure but also a depth that dries you to the sensation of spice and wood. Its structure indicates that wine has good potential for evolution and aging

Intense crimson

Sour-cherries, dry plums, chocolate

Friendly, graceful, smooth finish;
14% vol.

Caramelized pork