We are accustomed to perceive present time as a moment. In each moment, we try to offer people a part of Oprişor’s soul. Forasmuch as we have been blessed with earth’s richness, the grace of the people living in these places “returned”, to make out of vineyards’ crop strong personality wines. The quality of the grapes cultivated on Oprişor’s hills, together with the craftsmanship of the people taking care of the must and the wine have an essential contribution in winery’s identity.

It’s most important to refine and ennoble the two great directions we have developed in: Inmost Oltenia and Art-and-Wine, as, in fact, each of them stands for a continuous present.

In Inmost Oltenia, traditions, customs and beliefs are but the daily, ever-fresh breaths of certain values whose originality and power of seduction do surprise. Through our wine, we try to bring to life but the values of a present which people taste, recognize and appreciate.

The Art-and-Wine concept represents the continuous discovery of different forms of creativity and their valorization through limited, collection editions, able to go beyond the frontiers of time.

Concerned with promoting artistic performance, we build constantly partnerships with the prominent institutions of national culture: The National Museum of Contemporary Art, The National University of Arts in Bucharest, The Sibiu International Theatre Festival, etc.

Wine is always a source of inspiration; it arouses emotion, befriends people and accompanies the good and the bad of life. We live intensely our moments and try to share them.

© Ciprian Paleologu